Beginning in July of 2018, I produce Cakes Cove's Youtube channel episodes for their show, 'Making Every Genre Delicious'. Cakes always have a fun theme, and we generally film fun skits for the tops and tails of the episodes.
 I usually do these with the shop as a one-man band (direction, lighting, audio, camera, editing, etc) though we occasionally bring in an extra pair of hands. Turnaround for episode delivery after filming is often within 48 hours.
We film a block of episodes in a day (2-3, usually) and then I'll deliver them to be published on their channel at staggered, 2 week intervals. I'll also deliver supplemental content: bloopers, high-res stills, shorter share-friendly clips, etc.
Embedded are some of my favourite episodes, and you can view all of the ones I've produced in this linked playlist.

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