​​​​​​​A Fistful of Molars is a short genre film starring Darby Butcher, Eleni Nico, Stephanie Herrera, and Steve Kasan. It was written, directed, shot and cut by Ryan Couldrey. Well, it's being cut right now — look for it in 2018.
Above and below are poster images, ungraded stills, and outtakes taken from the three days of filming on location in Whitby and Toronto, Ontario.
Follow the development on Instagram with #FistfulOfMolars for updates during the editing and lead-up to release.

Leading lady Darby Butcher at her lemonade stand. Sister Imogen was on 2nd AC/slate duty for days 1 and 2 of filming

Left to right: Darby Butcher as young Sarah, Eleni Nico as older Sarah, Stephanie Herrera as Catherine, and Steve Kasan as a guy who's had better days

That's a wrap! From the end of day three with the cast and crew. Left to right: Eleni Nico (actor), Carolyn Wu (Ad/recordist), Ryan Couldrey (director/DP), Steve Kasan (actor), Margo Paige (HMU), Kira Hall (script supervisor)

Darby's getting up to something (as was Imogen with the slate... how many cameras do we need, Immie?)

The director is great with kids (Darby was a natural and knew how to get what she wanted, in this case, cookies!)

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