Besque - Photo shoot for Yonge Street Media profile
  • Besque
    Photos for profile on Yonge Street Media
  • Recently profiled on Toronto's Yonge Street Media - link here - Besque is a Juno-nominated hip-hop artist. Recently changing his name from Arabesque (reportedly, the SEO on "arabesque" was a nightmare), he's toured with Sean Paul and Raekwon and is on the verge of crossing the opening role into the realm of headliner. Shots were done around Queen West and Liberty Village in Toronto with a minimal lighting kit and a half pack of cigarettes.
  • Never used more than a bare SB600 on a stand for a nice hard light on him to counter the direct sun light, a solitary light visible in the above shot. No lights used in the street under pass shots. The hard lighting suited both him and the situation, plus we were on a tight schedule and the rag required a variety of shots in various situations for the story.
Photo contract to run with story written by separate journalist. One week turn around, photos delivered with 4 hours of the job being finished.
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