CBC Movember 2011 Photo Shoot
  • CBC Movember 2011
    The best whiskers in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • 2012 Update: It's Mo' time again! Please visit my mo'space, http://mobro.co/RyTron

    I organized a photoshoot for CBC employees who participated in Movember, a fund-raising event designed to increase awareness about prostate cancer. I invited CBC staff to get their moustache's portrait taken, and solicited donations from those who came by. I ended up raising $251 during the day, on top of all the donations these Movemberists collected on their own.

    Went for a little less glitz than in the 2010 edition of the CBC Movember shoot. This shoot was done with two Elinchrom monolights in medium-sized soft boxes, and shot at F/13 at ISO 100 so that whisker detail was at its absolute maximum whiskeriness.
    At the bottom of this page is the poster which was used to promote the photo shoot internally. Overall design was by Sean Farrell, and the text was my own. Below that is a pulled back shot of the setup, with myself as the model.

    Web compression means the background bakes out a bit online, but these shots look stellar above the fireplace in the most gaudy frame you can find at the thrift shop.
2011 CBC Movember fund raising photo shoot. The last time many of these whiskers will be seen for a good 11 months.